Unsung Heroes: The Faces Behind Track Maintenance

Exclusive interviews with individuals involved in machinery across Japan.


Vol. 001 Engaging All Senses |Hideo, Nishinippon Railroad Co. 

Vol. 002 Even a small repair|Yota, Nagaden Technical Service Co

Vol. 003 Nichnamed "Troublemaker"|Ryo, Kosei Construction 

Vol. 004 The Allure of Track Maintenance machinery as Captured by Photographers|Mr. Owl and 2 other photographers

Vol. 005  I will finde a problem before others|Mr. Nao, Hasegawa Machine Works, Ltd.

Vol. 006 I want to be active myself|Yuki, Chichibu Kensetsu

Vol. 007 Today's work and tomorrow's work are equally important|Mr. Ren, Tokushima Line Maintenance Area, JR Shikoku 

Vol. 008 I`m hungry|Mr. Taka, Ogaki Works, Nippon Kikai Co.

Vol. 009 |DIY Machine Assembly: Your Hands, Your Creation|Mr. Koichi, Green Max

Vol. 010 |All the individuals working here are exceptional|Mr. Ayumu Kamata, Illustrated book writer