Nippon Plasser original Chopsticks

Chopsticks with Plasser & Theurer 08-8CBT / KSP2002E

Using a tamping machine as chopsticks originated from the concept of "Hashitetsu" (plastic chopsticks) commonly found in railroad stations.

Most Hashitetsu available in the market draw inspiration from railroad cars, incorporating distinctive features of each train into the chopstick design, often expressed in vibrant colors.

However, reproducing the intricate structure of a railroad car on hashitetsu proved to be a challenging task, leading the project into a deadlock. The necessity of simplifying the design for practical chopstick production clashed with the desire to retain the unique characteristics of the railcar.

The breakthrough came through collaboration with the hashitetsu manufacturer. Opting for a clear color as the base, uncommon in traditional chopstick designs, allowed for the expression not only of the depicted machine but also of the ground workers surrounding it.


For instance:

  • The Plasser & Theurer 08-8CBT Version: This edition features a vibrant depiction of the machine, showcasing an orange tamping unit and re-fly unit positioned beneath the center frame. Two diligent workers, donning yellow safety helmets, are artfully portrayed engaged in tasks on the machine. A scene near a railroad crossing captures a worker holding a red flag, diligently ensuring safety protocols.

  • The KSP2002E Continuous Working Type Ballast Straightening and Stabilizing Work Version: This variant provides a detailed portrayal of the machine's functionalities, including a plow designed for ballast shoulder straightening, a stabilizer to augment sleeper lateral resistance, and main and fine sweepers for comprehensive roadbed maintenance.

The limited edition Hashitetsu is distinguished by "Original Hashitetsu Specifications," crafted from AS resin, with a commendable heat resistance of up to 80°C.

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