Nippon Plasser Original merchandize vol. 1

Instant Ramen with original Nippon Plasser package

Original merchandized goods created in 2012 underwent a transformation during our 50th-anniversary event in 2022, where they were reimagined and reintroduced as commemorative seminar merchandise.

The packaging received a makeover to mark this special occasion. The latest 09-16 Dynamic takes center stage, gracing the left and right sides of the front package as part of the distinctive 50th-anniversary design. On the reverse side, you'll find the logos of each company represented by the seminar speakers, adding a personalized touch to these special edition goods.

This project came to fruition due to an intriguing coincidence in the shared notation of "tamping machine (MARUTAI in Japanese)," and "MARUTAI RAMEN," a well-known stick ramen brand. This serendipitous alignment led to the birth of the project, as a company renowned for its stick ramen products collaborated in a unique and unexpected partnership.

"Why instant Ramen?" Following the distribution of the inaugural edition in 2012, a noteworthy "Marutai Ramen" phenomenon emerged within the railroad industry. The unique fusion of track maintenance and the beloved "Marutai Ramen" sparked interest not only among railway professionals but also resonated with ramen enthusiasts worldwide. The project garnered sustained inquiries, particularly from instant ramen aficionados.

Note: The distribution of these goods has concluded, and regrettably, we are unable to fulfill any further requests for them.




Energy 280kcal
Proteins 10.9g
Fats 2.6g
carbohydrate 53.2g
Salt equivalent 4.2g(noudle:1.4g、soup:2.8g)
Potassium 910mg